Breaking up doesn’t have to be so hard…

15 Feb Breaking up doesn’t have to be so hard…

Love is in the air once again this February. The flowers are preened and ready in the shop windows, the garish cards are on display and the various meal deals are all over the TV. It can only mean one thing – it’s Valentines Day!

Surprisingly, according to recent Facebook research, Valentines Day is up there as one of the most popular times for break-ups. Whether it’s failing to book the restaurant on time or forgetting the all important bouquet, this emotionally charged holiday see’s its fair share of relationship shake-ups rather than make-ups.

The workplace is no different. Now the January period is well and truly over, many employees that applied for those ‘dream’ jobs in the new year period will be starting to break the news to their employers that they too are moving onto pastures new.

Whether it’s expected or not, it’s never nice to say goodbye to a member of your team. However, it’s even more painful if you are completely unprepared for this eventuality.

Forget the grieving stage for a moment… have you considered the impact on your business in the short, medium and even long term? How will you cope without this unique skill set in house? Has this left your business in a vulnerable position?

It’s not too late to prevent this sinking feeling. Staff contingency planning is a great tool to prepare you for a period without key personnel. Unfortunately, we don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow, and helping prepare for the future can only put you in a stronger position if a member of staff is absent, on holiday or leaving the company.

There are a few simple steps you can take to help keep on top of the current commitments your team have. Monthly check-ins can help you assess what work your team have on. This could be a short 5-minute meeting or a summary document that outlines progress to date from your team – it’s good to know what’s going on around you.

Consider assessing the current skills in the workplace. If one person holds a particular skill set that is vital to day to day operations, could someone else be trained or could an outsider come in a pick-up the work easily? This can also help in periods of over-capacity and when winning new contracts, spreading the work load over various team members.

Conduct regular appraisals with your staff. This doesn’t have to be once a year; it could be after a crux period or even every quarter. It can help to see what their individual development needs are and potentially reduce the risk for you of loosing key staff members.

At DWM, we offer Digital Contingency Planning. We have created a model that allows us to ‘check-in’ regularly with our clients, and ensure we are up to date with any projects they have on. This then prepares us, and them in the unfortunate circumstance that a staff member is not available.

Using an outsourced service can be a cost effective way to get the expertise you need within the business, without the immediate costs of recruitment. Keeping in touch with our clients once a month also means that we are never in a position where we have to play catch up.

DWM would love to be your significant other and help you through the difficult period of staff departures. We offer outsourced web development that you can trust will be there when you need it. If you are interested in meeting for a coffee to talk about our compatibility – It’s on us! Simply visit or email

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