20 Feb

Parallelize your WordPress Downloads

With more websites relying on bigger and better images in their design, website load times seem to be taking a big hit. Whilst this can be counteracted by offloading your images to a CDN (Content Delivery Network) that's not always an option, especially when you're...

20 Nov

Get your website SSL ready

Although SSL has been around a number of years from January 2017 Google will begin ranking websites higher in search results if they have an SSL (the green padlock) installed. It's very rare for Google to make comments on the specifics of its ranking algorithms so...

12 Oct

Web Accessibility Awareness

My name is Lauren Cook and I'm a web developer with a disability called Cerebral Palsy, I do freelance and volunteer work at Digital Web Media. I have additional equipment that I have to use computers, this item is a Foot Mouse replacing the hand...

18 Aug

Is your WordPress up to date?

WordPress 4.6 This week sees the launch of WordPress 4.6 which includes a number of enhancements. These include Update Improvement – All of your theme and plugin management is handled in a much more streamlined way Native Fonts – WordPress now uses your native system fonts rather...

14 Oct

Meet Alex our Apprentice

Hello! I'm Alex Gangat, the handsome apprentice web developer working for DWM. ​ I started my apprenticeship with DWM and Cornwall College in February 2015 and since then I have gained a massive amount of skills and have worked on lots of websites and web applications. ​ Things I enjoy...

21 Aug

Free WordPress Training

On 21st August 2015 WordPress has 58.6% of the market share for powering content managed websites, but how many of them are being used to their full potential and being properly maintained? A website needs to be constantly evolving with regular content updates to keep your audience engaged and...

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