12 Mar

Happy birthday The Internet

It's been 25 years since the Internet was born. I don't think anyone back then could have imagined the impact it would have in the coming decades, I know we didn't, we were all too busy watching episodes of Mysterious Cities of Gold. It is no...

07 Mar

I know your type

Choosing the best font to use when designing for print or web is a tricky thing. Making bad choices when setting typography can seriously impact on the effectiveness of your project. Thankfully the guys over at Web Designer Depot are on hand to explain some of...

06 Mar

Ever wondered who controls the Internet?

It's standard Friday afternoon stuff really, sitting here wondering who controls the Internet when I should be trying to remain productive for at least another hour or two. About the same time I'm doing my usual afternoon review of what's making the news and a...

05 Mar

Welcome to our new home!

All the team here at Digital Web Media would like to welcome you to our new website. Hopefully you will find inspiration and advice to help you with your own project. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about turning your ideas into...