Digital Succession Planning

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Digital Succession Planning

What would you do if a member of your development team didn’t come into work tomorrow? Would your team be able to shoulder the burden? Could you push your deadlines back?

Perhaps it’s not a burning issue, but what if this wasn’t a short term problem? Is your business prepared to take the hit to it’s bottom line?

Succession planning may sound like a scary word to bring into the mix, but it’s one that will allow your business to gain the continuity it needs to keep on track and maintain profitability.

DWM is helping you to plan for the future, not just right now…

Don’t underestimate the need to have formal plan in place, not only can it save you the expense of finding a developer quickly.

Our new digital succession service is helping eliminate the risk when planning your long term digital solutions. DWM can help form a contingency before a crisis occurs, limiting the potential disruptions to your business. We can:

  • Help plan what types of provision you would need
  • Become familiar with your systems in advance
  • Check in quarterly to keep updated on any projects or workloads
  • Foresee any potential bottlenecks that could impact on your deadlines
  • Provide development services when it matters
  • Manage your website content

With our support, you can maintain relationships with valued clients who have high expectations of your service.

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