Don’t let your business be a victim to the January Blues!

06 Jan Don’t let your business be a victim to the January Blues!

Blue Monday is behind us, and the end of January is now in site. So, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief that the most depressing month of the year is over, right?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but don’t be too sure that the dust has settled quite yet. The first few days after the new year provides a new lease of life to those searching for ambition and determination to change their habits in 2016, provoking many to take to the internet and start their job search!

Whether it’s a flash in the pan or something that just re-enforces that lifetime ambition, January is the month these good intentions rear their heads and prompt action.

According to CNN Finance, the first Wednesday after New Year’s Day has been the highest job-search day on, which is about 70% more than average.

As these employees start to schedule those interviews in secret, have you considered the wider impact of these staff departures on your business? The loss of one key employee can gravely impact on that great start to your first quarter.

Contingency planning may sound like a dramatic term for something that you may consider basic human resource planning, but have you calculated how much this skill shortage could cost your business? There are a few key questions to ask yourself:

Is your business success dependent on this person?

The individual in question may have very specialist skills that the business cannot do without. Recruitment for a replacement may prove timely and expensive to find the right skill set right for your business, providing detrimental to your bottom line.

Will other members of the team feel the strain?

With the departure of one team member, other employees are likely to pick up the slack until a replacement person is found. This could leave the business extremely vulnerable if others are affected by the stress and exhaustion of being over-worked.

Can you re-structure your other personnel?

Sometimes the quickest and most effective option is to promote and train others internally to undertake the role in question. This could save on the cost of recruitment, but also make others in the company feel valued.

So, how can you avoid these factors affecting your business in 2016?

Using an outsourced agency, can be a blessing in disguise in those times of need. Whether is is due to sickness, scheduled holidays or the inevitable departure of an employee, an outsourced professional can often pick up where other left off with minimal fuss or disruption.

An agency can sit down with your existing team and get a briefing on what is needed to complete a project. Whether it’s until a replacement is found, or even picking up the slack from other team members that are snowed under, you know from the start you are getting the skills you need to meet your current deadlines.

Outsourcing helps minimise the risk of employing someone in haste just to fill that vacancy. It can also provide flexibility of only using a professional for certain projects reducing costs and creating efficiency amongst other team members.

Don’t be a victim to the stress and sleepless nights that losing staff can cause. The solution lies in strategic planning for the now not just the tomorrow.

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