SagePay Test Card Details

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SagePay Test Card Details

SagePay is our recommend payment gateway provider for all our E-Commerce websites we develop. We have integrated SayPay into our custom E-Commerce platform but we also highly recommend it for the WooCommerce solutions we build. The two options are SagePay Form and SagePay Direct.

SagePay Form takes the customer from your website out to SagePay’s secure payment pages for the card details to be taken. The customer is then taken back to your website.

SagePay Direct keeps the customer on your website and allows them to enter their payment details into your checkout process. This is would be our recommended solution as it provides seamless process for your customer.

During the development stages SagePay can be put into Test mode which allows you to make purchases, check stock control rules and run through the whole user journey without the need to use your own personal or business credit / debit card.

We have listed the SagePay test card details here, these only work when your SagePay integration is put into test mode

Card Type SagePay Card Type Card Number CV2
Visa VISA 4929000000006 123
Visa Delta (Debit) DELTA 4462000000000003 123
Visa Electron UK Debit UKE 4917300000000008 123
Mastercard MC 5404000000000001 123
UK Maestro MAESTRO 5641820000000005 123
International Maestro MAESTRO 300000000000000004 123
American Express AMEX 374200000000004 123
Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) JCB 3569990000000009 123
Diners Club DC 36000000000008 123
Laser Cards LASER 6304990000000000044 123

You will need to enter some test address details, these are:

  • Expiry Date: Select a future date
  • CV2: 123
  • Billing Address: 88
  • Billing Postcode: 412
  • 3D Secure Password: password

We are SagePay partners, you can view our profile here: DWM SagePay Profile

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