Get your website SSL ready

20 Nov Get your website SSL ready

Although SSL has been around a number of years from January 2017 Google will begin ranking websites higher in search results if they have an SSL (the green padlock) installed. It’s very rare for Google to make comments on the specifics of its ranking algorithms so to announce that just by installing an SSL will make a positive SEO is a huge step forward.

So what is SSL? SSL stands for (secure socket layer) and is used to encrypt data between your web browser and the server. Typically used on E-commerce websites to secure card transactions and sensitive customer data it’s now recommended to have an SSL on any website, from a single page brochure site through to a fully integrated E-Commerce site.

By installing an SSL adds an layer to security between your customers and your website. This in itself can increase the confidence of your customers an encourage an increase in your conversion rates.

How to purchase and activate an SSL? The simplest way to purchase and activate an SSL is to speak to your website hosting provider. The certificate needs to be digitally signed by the server. It’s also important to ensure that your website is built correctly so that every image and JavaScript file points to https:// and not http://if this happens then elements of the website won’t show and a message saying the website is un-secure will be displayed.

How much does an SSL cost? There a number of different options available for an SSL and the prices range from being free up to £350+. At DWM our SSL’s are £120 and this includes the installation. This is a standard SSL that is suitable for the majority of websites. The more expensive ones either offer a higher level of encryption or have Extend Validation (EV). EV SSL’s require more paperwork to ensure you are who you say you are. Once the EV validation has passed your company name will appear in the address bar. From our knowledge there is no SEO benefit to having an EV SSL over a standard SSL.

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