Is your WordPress up to date?

18 Aug Is your WordPress up to date?

WordPress 4.6

This week sees the launch of WordPress 4.6 which includes a number of enhancements. These include

  • Update Improvement – All of your theme and plugin management is handled in a much more streamlined way
  • Native Fonts – WordPress now uses your native system fonts rather than external resources.
  • Editor Backups – Content is automatically saved to the browser as you type in the editor.
  • Editor Link Checker – The editor will now check links as they are input into the window.

To update your version of WordPress, simply login and you will see a yellow bar at the top telling you that WordPress 4.6 is now available to download. It’s best practice to make a full backup of your website (including the database) first so you can easily rollback should anything go wrong. It’s also important to ensure all of your plugins and themes are compatible, so make sure you check first. Once this is done, simply follow the update instructions.

Most Attacked WordPress Plugins – August 2016

Keeping your WordPress, plugins and themes up-to-date ensures best performance and prevents any security compromises. Below is a list of the most attached WordPress plugins so far in August. This snapshot of data is based on 500,000 websites running WordPress:

Plugin Total attacks
recent-backups 351,014
wp-symposium 242,715
google-mp3-audio-player 307,743
db-backup 287,043
wptf-image-gallery 131,938
wp-ecommerce-shop-styling 131,011
candidate-application-form 127,359
wp-miniaudioplayer 196,557
ebook-download 189,640
ajax-store-locator-wordpress_0 119,192
hb-audio-gallery-lite 105,618
simple-ads-manager 166,131
revslider 145,626
inboundio-marketing 112,696
wpshop 111,546
dzs-zoomsounds 225,032
reflex-gallery 111,624
wp-mobile-detector 115,235
formcraft 52,604
sexy-contact-form 50,649
filedownload 19,400
plugin-newsletter 23,887
simple-download-button-shortcode 21,502
pica-photo-gallery 16,587
tinymce-thumbnail-gallery 16,429
dukapress 16,235
wp-filemanager 16,634
history-collection 24,371
s3bubble-amazon-s3-html-5-video-with-adverts 24,011
simple-image-manipulator 8,272
ibs-mappro 18,738
image-export 6,047
abtest 5,885
wp-swimteam 5,433
contus-video-gallery 17,866
sell-downloads 4,746
brandfolder 4,619
thecartpress 4,534
advanced-uploader 4,351
aviary-image-editor-add-on-for-gravity-forms 5,749
wp-post-frontend 16,690
mdc-youtube-downloader 5,517
document_manager 4,450
paypal-currency-converter-basic-for-woocommerce 1,133
justified-image-grid 17,852
cherry-plugin 3,919
aspose-cloud-ebook-generator 720
gwolle-gb 406


Data provided by WordFence 

If your website is running any of the above plugins, please ensure you update to the latest version.

For help and support with WordPress or would like DWM to mange all your core, theme and plugin updates please call us on 01637 818271 or send us a message via our contact form. You can also keep up to date with WordPress security announcements by joining our mailing list.

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