Meet Alex our Apprentice

14 Oct Meet Alex our Apprentice


I’m Alex Gangat, the handsome apprentice web developer working for DWM.

I started my apprenticeship with DWM and Cornwall College in February 2015 and since then I have gained a massive amount of skills and have worked on lots of websites and web applications.

Things I enjoy  outside of work:

* Photography
* Bodyboarding
* Real Ale
* Gaming
* Travelling
* Watching videos of cats on Youtube


Why did I choose to become an apprentice?

I get asked this question all the time. Apprenticeships are not seen as normal route to get into the industry, but I think that an apprenticeship is the perfect way to gain skills.

The more obvious route to get into web development is to go to university for 3 years and get a degree in Web Technology. This is in no way a bad route to go down but it comes with some massive negatives, Not only does it put you in a huge amount of debt but also the syllabus for degree level courses take a long time to get updated this means that you could essentially be learning things that have been deprecated or are not relevant within the industry.

By doing the apprenticeship not only am I getting paid to learn my new set of skills, everything I do learn is relevant to the industry and at the end of it I will have a full year of experience. To me this is an absolute no brainer.

I find working within such a knowledgeable team means picking up a new technique or correct method is easy and I constantly learn from them.

What do I actually do?

Most people would assume that the only roles of an apprentice would include making cups of tea and answering the phone but thats not the case, when I first started working for DWM I was given smaller tasks for clients which included content changes and but as I learned more and more the tasks got bigger, I can now build custom themed WordPress sites, bug fix on existing sites and I have even made some custom web applications from scratch. One web application helps with making a round of hot beverages in our office and links directly into Slack.

So what’s next?

I have another 5 months and then my apprenticeship will be complete, then I am hoping to be working at DWM on even bigger sites focusing on backend development.

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