Never Ending Slinky Machine on Kickstarter

13 Jun Never Ending Slinky Machine on Kickstarter

Take my money, no seriously take my money now. We love some of the crazy ideas that pop up on Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms but this one had us reaching for the petty cash before we’d even looked at the pledge prices.

The first round of Early Bird pledges snapped up their NESMs for just £29 but don’t worry, the second round of Early Bird pledges will only set you back £35 – still a bargain in our opinion.

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What is crowdfunding

For those of you than may be unfamiliar with crowdfunding, the basic premise is that someone has a great idea and starts to develop prototypes. At this stage a lot of inventors run in to trouble. They rarely have the required funds to get their new invention into production. This usually signals the start of a difficult journey trying to secure corporate funding. Something akin to the undiscovered author sending manuscripts out to publishers. If they finally get the backing to start production, they find the corporate sponsor’s hand is deep in their pocket. Not ideal for the inventors and not ideal for you as consumers.

Crowdfunding cuts out the middle men entirely. As soon as a product has been developed to a point where there is interest and it can be produced, inventors can use the power of the Internet to reach out directly to their end customers for support. They decide how much it will cost to have their initial production run and then set a funding goal to cover it. If demand is high enough and if all the funding is raised within a set timescale (usually 1 month), the product gets made and the backers receive rewards based on the amount they pledged. Should the funding goal not be reached, everyone gets their money back.

Why DWM loves crowdfunding

So why is this good news? Well it means you get the chance to get hold of innovative new products that may never have seen the light of day without crowdfunding. It also means the products are usually very reasonably priced – after all, there are no corporate sponsor’s to pay, no product launch marketing campaigns to cover the costs of. You also get a warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing that, without you, the world would be without the NESM.

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