Web Accessibility Awareness

12 Oct Web Accessibility Awareness

My name is Lauren Cook and I’m a web developer with a disability called Cerebral Palsy, I do freelance and volunteer work at Digital Web Media. I have additional equipment that I have to use computers, this item is a Foot Mouse replacing the hand held mouse and keyboard allowing my feet to move the cursor and type with an on screen keyboard.

Although this great invention has changed my life and allowed me to gain an education and build a career in IT I still come across some bugs on various websites. These bugs are not massive barriers for me but are annoying and break the flow of navigation. Small buttons and search bars are the main hurdles I face, but there are other factors of websites that can limit user’s ability to browse the web.

I recently finished a Batchelor Degree with Honours in Applied Computing Technologies; within that course I wrote a dissertation on web accessibility and the actions that could be taken to build web accessibility awareness. Implementation was the strongest cause of action ensuring web accessibility awareness is discovered in the planning stages of any web application project.

In my option highlighting awareness before a start of a project means fewer errors occurring later, and minimising potential complaints or loss of users visiting the site. Research will also provide information to developers detailing the importance of web accessibility and how there are laws in place to limit discrimination on the World Wide Web.

Web accessibility awareness is growing and in the future I believe the web will be fully accessible!

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