Web Development Services

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Web Development Services

Good web development underpins any website. This isn’t just about writing code, it’s about understanding the logic and the objectives of your business.

At DWM we spend the time to get to know our clients, how they work and what their objectives are. We ask those all important questions that you may not have considered and propose solutions to fit those requirements.

We have a number of services that we can offer.

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS) allow you to manage your website content efficiently. Our most popular CMS site and our preferred platform is WordPress, due it’s flexibility. However, we are also able to offer other systems that may greater fit the needs of our customers.

Booking Systems

Being based in Cornwall, a tourism hotspot, means that Tourism websites are one of our greatest strengths. We have worked with a number of clients to integrate a number of booking systems with their websites. This includes using online booking facilities and availability calendars that have helped streamline their bookings, and helped productivity.


DWM offer a comprehensive e-commerce service is for all product types and sectors. Our professional solutions can help you generate you more sales online; providing an instantly recognisable return to your bottom line.

Custom PHP

There are many cases where custom PHP is needed, this can include integration with Booking System API’s, Payment Providers, social media platforms, CRM’s and much more. We have experience in the development of large web applications built with known frameworks such as Laravel and CodeIgniter.

Hosting setup and Application monitoring

If you need hosting environments setup or your web application monitored to check for memory leaks or to find ways to optimise your website code, we can provide this service and give recommendations on where to improve.


We’re always on hand to help debug your code. Let us be your extra pair of eyes when it all gets too mind-boggling for you.


With the increasing security threats on websites it’s important your website is secure and all vulnerabilities are addressed. SQL Injections and Cross Site Scripting (XSS) are all too common and can lead to expensive data loss. We develop secure systems that have passed numerous penetration tests.

We are more than happy to discuss any questions about our services.

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